Why do I need an inspection or test on my plumbing?

The State of Michigan mandates that sprinkler systems, water powered sump pumps and commercial boilers have Backflow prevention systems in place. These systems must be tested on a regular basis to ensure that contaminated water cannot get back into city water supplies. The State of Michigan also mandates that the people who test and inspect these systems be licensed and certified by the state to do so.

Al Carey is a Licensed Boiler Installer and Inspector. He is also Certified as a State of Michigan Backflow Inspector so you can be assured that when you call Carey Plumbing & Heating, our inspection and testing services are top shelf.

Lawn Sprinklers: The State of Michigan mandates that PVB Backflow devices be installed on all sprinkler systems that are attached to municipal water systems. These devices need to be professionally inspected by a licensed technician every three years and the testing data submitted to the city government offices.

Our Backflow Testing Service: Not all Backflow testing is the same. Some companies come and test the device and submit the paperwork to the city. At Carey Plumbing & Heating, we understand that these devices can be expensive to replace so we go above and beyond to ensure that your PVB device will be in service for as long as possible. Our process includes –

1) Shutting off water supply

2) Inspect and clean device. Remove debris and smooth any pitting or mineral build up.

3) Re-assemble the device.

4) Turn the water supply back on and test the device.

5) Submit all paperwork the the city for you.

6) Send you a copy of the test for your records.

Cleaning and inspecting the PVB Assembly on a regular basis helps it to last longer, saving you money over time. If you hire a company that only tests your equipment, chances are it is going to fail sooner.

If repairs are needed, most often these repairs are made at the time of inspection so there is no need for an additional service call.

Boiler Inspections:

The State of Michigan mandates that boilers be tested and inspected for safe operation each year (excludes residential units). If you have a business, church or other commercial operation, you need to comply with these regulations. Testing and inspections of these boilers are for everyone’s safety. Boilers have many safety devices that that need to be in good working order and testing can ensure proper operation and safety.

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